Remote Hands

Zingcorp Remote hands is designed to offer hands and eyes at your datacenter without having to invest in expensive skilled engineers and helps you maximize operational uptime and most importantly reduce costs.

  • 24hrs x 7 days a week on-call presence where required to perform basic tasks,
  • Power cycling (turning on and off) equipment / Re-set, reboot of equipment as required
  • Securing cabling to connections / Cable organization
  • Basic observation and reporting / Checking alarms for faults etc
  • Onsite installation of equipment in racks, as well as Add, Moves and changes
  • Supervision of pre-authorized visits of vendors/third-parties to site
  • Management of the logistics of delivering and securing of spares and parts delivered to site
  • Management of any staging requirements for equipment delivered to site.
  • Inventory management and labeling of equipment.
  • Coordination of disposal process with agreed third party vendors.
  • Switching a toggle / Setting a dip-switch / Pushing a button

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